Bartzokas: “Spanoulis is the greatest basketball player in the history of Olympiakos”


At this time her big gala is taking place KAE Olympiacos in honor of Vasilis Spanouliswho will be awarded tomorrow at the packed SEF (17/09), in a night where the jersey with No. 7 will take its place on the roof of the Faleri stadium.

Of course, he could not be absent from the event George Bartzokascoach with whom “Kill Bill” won his last Euroleague in 2013.

The technician of the “red and white” idolized him so much Spanouliswhom he described as “the top player in the history of Olympiakos”, but also the way in which the Piraeus chose to honor him.

Bartzokas’ statements in detail:

On what the presence of Vassilis Spanoulis means as an athlete: “First of all, it’s a big night for Olympiakos, he’s the greatest basketball player who in my opinion has worn his jersey and it’s a big moment for Olympiakos. Such an honor today and tomorrow shows the size of our club. As a personality, all of Europe is talking about him, we don’t need to. I’m happy if he’s happy today.”

On whether it is time for the people who contribute to Greek basketball to be honored near the end of their careers: “It is common in the USA to respect the protagonists of the sport, mainly the players and then the coaches. It’s innovative the way Olympiacos does it. It’s amazing, Vassilis has stopped sports for 2-3 years from the player’s side and it’s important for children, he has enough, and his wife to be happy to feel emotional, because tomorrow and today the moments will be intense”.

Source: Sport Fm

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