Printezis for Spanoulis: “This is Vassilis and I am honored that he was my teammate”


His winning mentality Vasilis Spanoulis pointed out George Printeziswho shared stories he has lived through their journey together on and off the court.

When you’ve been through a lot with a person and they tell you to tell a story, it’s like you’re doing all the others an injustice. We experienced a lot off the court as well. Out here we were sitting and looking at each other and saying “how did we get like that with the suits”“, he said initially and looking at him Kostas Papanikolaou who was sitting next to him laughingly commented:Don’t laugh, study hard and it’s coming».

He then shared a story from his joint journey with Vassilis Spanoulis: “It is important to take what we can from such fellow athletes, to pass it on to the next generations. I first encountered him in 2003 in Maroussi. With work with faith, stubbornness, everything is possible, as long as you have the will. This is the racing part of Santa that we all know“, he said initially, while about Spanoulis… behind the lights, he said:

I was going to Syros, go to Patmos. It was in 2011, that there was a lot of insecurity in the team. I had returned from Malaga, in the 10 three-pointers it was a matter of scoring one. The whole team was a bit… overwhelmed. We were together, we talked and he tells me that this year we will be soldiers, very good. I look at him and say… what is he saying? He believed it. You’ll see we’ll do very well, he told me. At the end of 2012 we lifted two big cups, he is and it was a great honor to be my teammate».

Source: Sport Fm

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