Ferrari and Red Bull continued the beef with the stickers at the Singapore GP!


Last weekend, the Ferrari dominated the Singapore Grand Prix, with Carlos Sainz to have one of the best matches of their career, thus conquering the victoryas well as the pole position at the Marina Bay circuit!

This was the first time that the Scuderia prevailed – and even state-wise Red Bullwith the two teams continuing on to yet another GP the… special beef that have opened this year off the track!

You see, it all started on the Spa track, with people from both teams stickers stick on the other team’s stuff and equipment!

With the… air of victory in Singapore, Ferrari said this time to make that start by placing a team-badged sticker on a suitcase in the Red Bull pitseven posting the relevant video on social media!

As soon as the people of the Austrian team got wind of it, they rushed to remove the said sticker with the Ferrari horse, in turn publishing a video and leaving open the potential for “retaliation”!

Source: Sport Fm

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