Takianos: “To present a team that will fight”


Fotis Takianos emphasized that he is happy with the progress of the players who played last year in PAOK under his instructions, he believes that it is still too early to draw conclusions, he believes that there are weaknesses that must be improved in the future, he believes that there is no pressure on the team and, if present, it should be managed appropriately.

Analytically: “We’re here as a team that took one of the top four places, so congratulations to everyone who contributed to that. I am happy to see players who were in our team last year distinguish themselves and progress in their careers. It is one of the requests, through the development of the teams, that the players also develop.

From the preparation side, it is very difficult to draw conclusions, with the logic that games have an identifying character. You want to see the weaknesses and improve them. What we want to present is a team that fights, starting from the defense and every day will develop, so that at the end of the season it has reached the desired level and result”.

As for whether there is early pressure from such an event, to a question asked to all four coaches, Takianos said: “I consider that there is no difference between an official game and a tournament game in how the team prepares. He prepares with the sole aim of winning. The friendlies are managed in such a way that the conclusions are drawn.

I don’t think there is any difference in our logic, how we will play in an official game or in a friendly game. The result process, especially in our country, can be painful in a defeat or there can be extreme reactions of joy in a victory. We are in Greece, we live here, this is what we have to live with and I think this is what we have to manage”.

Source: Sport Fm

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