Sweeping Roma and Slavia Prague, Cimika’s Liverpool made it 2/2


The favorites prevailed in his evening matches Europa Leaguewith the Roma to crush Servet 4-0 and Slavia Prague to humiliate Sheriff Tiraspol 6-0.

And Liverpool, with Costas Tsimika main, beat Union St. Gilois 2-0 and made it 2/2 in the 5th group.


Without charging, h Liverpool made it 2/2 in the Europa League by winning 2-0 her Union Saint-Jiloise home. The match was decided by the goals of Hraffenberg (44′) and Zota (90+2′), with Costas Tsimika to compete throughout the match for Jurgen Klopp’s side.

At the same time, Toulouse she continued to be undefeated as she was also imposed 1-0 her LASK Leeds home. Scorer for the French cup winners, Choiseau, in the 31st minute.


Liverpool-Union St Gilois 2-0

(44′ Hraffenberg, 90+2′ Zota)

Toulouse-LASK Leeds 1-0

(31′ Swazo)

The next (3rd) matchday (26/10)

Union Saint Gilois-LASK Leeds (22:00)

Liverpool-Toulouse (22:00)

The rating


The two matches of the group turned into performances for a role – and specifically for the home team. In “Olimbiko”, the Roma win with the comfortable 4-0 the Napkinwith Belotti scoring twice (46′, 59′) and Lukaku (21′) and Pellegrini (52′) also finding the back of the net for the “glamorossi”.

In Prague, Slavia humbled by the impressive 6-0 the Sheriff Tiraspol and shares the top of the standings with the Romans. The Czechs saw Chitil score twice (4′, 71′), with goals from Ogbu (7′), Sranz (47′) Dudera (58′) and Garananga’s own goal (39′) setting up the final result.


Roma-Servet 4-0

(21′ Lukaku, 46′, 59′ Belotti, 52′ Pellegrini)

Slavia Prague-Sheriff Tiraspol 6-0

(4′, 71′ Chitil, 7′ Ogbu, 39′ aut. Garananga, 47′ Srantz, 58′ Dudera)

The next (3rd) matchday (26/10)

Roma-Slavia Prague (22:00)

Sheriff Tiraspol-Servet (22:00)

The rating

Roma-Servet 4-0, Liverpool-Saint Gilois 2-0


They continued their victorious course Leverkusen and Karabaghwho passed through Scandinavia and did 2/2.

“Aspirins” were imposed 2-1 her Molde in Norway, with Fribong (14′) and Teja (18′) giving Xabi Alonso’s side a significant early lead and Breivik reducing in the 87th minute.

And the Azeris, they bent me 1-0 the Hacken in Gothenburg, thanks to Zuninho’s 70th-minute goal.


Hacken-Karabakh 0-1

(70′ Zuninho)

Molde-Leverkusen 1-2

(87′ Breivik – 14′ Fribong, 18′ Teja)

The next (3rd) matchday (26/10)

Molde-Hacken (19:45)

Leverkusen-Karabakh (22:00)

The rating

Roma-Servet 4-0, Liverpool-Saint Gilois 2-0

Source: Sport Fm

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