Ecclestone: “Best driver I’ve seen Verstappen”


THE Max Verstappen secured the 3rd consecutive championship in Formula 1, through the Sprint Race in Qatar. THE Sergio Perez he was the only contender left in the race for the title and by retiring in today’s race… he crowned the 26-year-old champion!

In addition to the title, the Dutch driver also won a very honorable comment from a great F1 personality. THE Bernie Ecclestoneformer CEO at Formula One Group and basically… owner of F1, called Festapen “the best driver he’s ever seen”, which is certainly saying a lot!

In detail what he said:

“Alain Prost dominated at a time when drivers did not receive as much support from their teams, on and off the track. But that aside, Max is without a doubt the best I’ve ever seen – and the best anyone has ever seen. It is the complete guide. He starts the race and wants to win it, he does nothing else. He makes no mistakes, he does nothing, he leaves no room for error. He drives honestly and fairly. Even with a car that is not the best, Max would beat many other drivers. He is a superstar. Never before has there been anyone who has been as good as Max is today.”

Source: Sport Fm

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