Match-epic with winner OFI: 5-3 in Chania and he left for the “16”!


Rodeo match in Chania with OFI as the winner! In an epic match in Perivolia, the two Cretan teams had an epic arm wrestle with that of Dabrauskas surviving and prevailing with the unlikely 5-3 qualifying for his ’16’ Novibet Hellenic Cup!

Terrible variation in the match with OFI leading by two goals, Chania initially equalizing and Riera in the 78′ to “lock” the qualification!

The match started with the visitors having possession of the ball and losing in the 6′ the first good moment with Gayegos to miss a shot from the height of the area.

His team’s pressing Dabrauskas bore fruit in the 29′. Abada took the ball outside the area and opened the scoring with an impressive shot. In fact, OFI strengthened its lead in 43′ when Vouros took a header from a corner the ball found the post and ended up in Felipe with the Brazilian pushing it into the net for 2-0.

Chania entered the second half strongly and in the 52nd minute, with Eleftheriadis scoring, they reached the 1-2while seconds later Manousakis tied the match with a strong shot inside the area.

Valdas Dabrauskas, seeing his team under pressure, made changes and in the 61st minute he was vindicated. Mosquera after a beautiful development, found himself in a position to shoot and did it 3-2 while three minutes later the Colombian did it with an impressive place 4-2.

However, Chania did not surrender their weapons and in the 67th minute they reduced the score again with Servilakis beating Bowman making it 4-3. The match for OFI was “locked” in the 78th minute with the absolute MVP, Mosquera sharing the assist with Riera and the Spaniard scoring the final goal in an empty net 5-3.

However, in the delays, Dabrauskas saw Meiados sent off with a second yellow card, which equals his absence from the upcoming match of the 9th match against Kifissia.

The elevens:

Chania (Yiannis Tausianis): Kalogerakis, Nikolics (82′ Katsouri), Batzios, Mazoulouxis, Servilakis, Tsornomaz, Tselios (66′ Dias), Lemonis (82′ Bourselis), Manousakis, Muller, Manalis (60′ Vouos)

OFI (Valdas Dabrauskas): Bowman, Larson, Ambanda, Vouros, Lambropoulos (71′ Giannoulis), Pasalidis, Meyado, Toral (57′ Mosquera), Gayegos (57′ Riera), Felipe (71′ Neira), Glazer

Source: Sport Fm

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