What Doukas had said about Panathinaikos’ stadium in Botanikos


What did Haris Doukas say about the Panathinaikos stadium in Botanikos? The new mayor of Athens had taken a stand on the issue before his election in an interview he gave to the Athenian and Macedonian News Agency. THE Haris Doukas – at the time – was in favor of building the stadium however he had pointed out that he would prefer this construction to be done in a bioclimatic way having a small carbon footprint, which is also happening in other big cities in similar buildings.

To the question that had been put to him, therefore, regarding whether institutional interventions are needed for the sustainability of some areas in the center of Athens, he had answered…

“However, let me say something else about the institutional interventions. I was in Eleonas a few days ago. Another huge lost opportunity for Athens, for the municipality, for the Region, because it could be another very important area of ​​green, oxygen, that Parnitha has burned so many times and we have no possibility to find other areas where we have solid Green. And it is an abandoned area, where there is currently no green space, and no construction is being done for the famous stadium”had mentioned – initially – and added:

“I understand they’re going to move forward, but they’re still moving slowly, so it’s an important proposal of ours to finally move quickly to the area there, which is forgotten and abandoned, and go to green spaces. Of course, the Panathinaikos stadium should also be built, but it should be built in a bioclimatic way, with a small carbon footprint, as all cities, stadiums and building infrastructure are planning in 2023“, concluded.

At this point let us add that this statement it had taken place before his electionand how since yesterday afternoon – although he has been sought to make a relevant statement on the issue – there has been no development on this matter.

Finally, let us add that the lining up to which Haris Doukas belongs, in every vote for the Panathinaikos stadium in Botanikos and the double redevelopment had been in favor.

Source: Sport Fm

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