Asteras Tripoli: Sourlis and Zouglis showed they are ready for the restart!


Asteras Tripoli has always relied on its academy, which has produced big names, with several of them now competing abroad.

In general, the Arcades like to promote young guys to the first team and give them playing time, with the aim of “growing up” and then starring in football.

This year, Mr Star continues this tactic and it seems that he can rely on the young and talented kids, who may have an important role in the team. Two of them, Mr Vassilis Sourlis and Nikos Zouglis they showed and proved it recently, through her match National Hope opposite to Croatian. By Surlywho was acquired in the summer by Olympiakos, to spread his quality on the grass of the familiar “Theodoros Kolokotronis”, being perhaps the most influential football player of the “blue and white”, while he also found the net.

By Nikos Zouglis to come on as a substitute, be particularly active and look capable of creating gaps with his individual actions in the opposing defence. Something that Asteras can use in the league against “tighter” opponents. He even had the assist in his 2-2 Boxeswith the young midfielder declaring himself ready to get even more opportunities with the yellow and blues.

THE Milan Rastavac apparently he saw and was completely satisfied by his two footballers, who with the coat of arms on their chests made an excellent image. They both fit his style as they are quality players, bring intensity and click into the new way of playing Arcades.

Of course she saw him too Dino Grozdanic in the same game to play the entire second 45 minutes and be used in the center of defense, where his natural position is. He responded fully and had a good image, with the Serbian technician getting his bearings soon indeed, according to the informationto use him as left stopper. Because he is a player who can help in the build-up, while he has the acumen to cover spaces and has the ability to take the first balls. Once they reach (soon) 100% the Goss, Diarathen it will shift to defense!

The three mentioned above are the … diamonds that Asteras brings out in the “foam” and they already have an important role in the team. THE Surlis plays on ‘6’ and ‘8’ and less on ’10’ but fully responsive, o Grozdanich as a “6” also makes a good face and o Zooglis rises, “asking” for even more time. And they are expected to significantly help the Tripoli team from the restart until the end of the season!

Source: Sport Fm

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