Anderson on the terrorist attack in Brussels: “I wonder where the world is going”


Shocked by the murderous terrorist attack in Brussels, they are all on her mission national Swedenas can also be seen from their statements.

First, the team leader, Victor Lindelof, stated that he was the one who took the initiative to stop the match. “As the leader, I took the initiative to leave. I spoke first to my teammates, then to the Belgians and quickly there was a consensus to stop the match. Most importantly, Swedes are now safe. It’s scary to be in danger because you’re wearing the Swedish colors. What should be done next? Belgium already qualified, do we still have to play? I feel safe here, I must say that the field was the safest place“, he said characteristically.

His placement is equally shocking Jan Anderson: “My family is worried. At recess I learned this crazy piece of information, I wonder where the world is going. Then we decided not to play. It doesn’t matter if the match is later. We are all very sad, there are tears in our eyes. I would like to express my condolences to the relatives of the victims. My family is worried“, emphasized the Swedish coach.

It is recalled that the people who were at the “King Baudouin Stadium”, following a relevant order, remained in their place for hours. Gradually the evacuation began, with the Swedish fans remaining last. The Belgian authorities are waiting for the “OK” from the country’s crisis management committee, so they can then take the fans along with the team delegation directly to the airport, from where they will depart together. All this of course under the presence of strong police forces.

During their joint wait for the evacuation of the stadium, the Belgian friends expressed through slogans the support them to the guests, shoutingSweden» and how we are all together».

Source: Sport Fm

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