Galas “judged” Havertz: “He hasn’t done anything this year, it’s Arsenal’s mistake to give so much money”!


Last summer, the Arsenal proceeded to transfer it Kai Havertztaking from its coffers the not inconsiderable sum of 70 million euros for its acquisition from Chelsea!

Just a few months after the completion of this big deal, the 24-year-old German midfielder has not fulfilled the expectations that existed for him in the ranks of the “gunners”, having strongly worried about his performance.

It is indicative that at this start of the season, the young ace counts 12 appearances with just one goal and one assist in all competitions, a goal which even came from the penalty spot!

The long-time central defender and legend of Arsenal made a harsh criticism of the former ace of the “blues”, William Gallaswho, among other things, declared to a British Media that he was big mistake the acquisition of the German from the Londoners!

“I’m not impressed with Havertz so far. He has done nothing since joining Arsenal. He may have scored, but that was only because Martin Odegaard let him take a penalty!

Havertz hasn’t done anything yet and I think he’s in trouble. I think Arsenal shouldn’t have signed him. It was wrong… If you spend £65m on a striker you expect him to have a season with at least 15 goals. I don’t think that will happen with Havertz… He was already at Chelsea and in the Premier League for three years. He might need some time to acclimatise to the team, but he was already living in London.” he said characteristically.

Source: Sport Fm

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