Schwab: “We should be proud, no one will ever forget this night”


In a sensational match, PAOK was behind with a score of 2-0 until the 73rd minute against Aberdeenhowever managed to take the win 3-2, pulling off a great upset that will be remembered for years.

The player who scored the goal that gave the victory to the Thessalonians was Stefan Schwab, who scored a penalty in the 90+6′ and completed the huge upset. The Austrian spoke to PAOK TV about how this turnaround came about, he referred to the moment of the crucial penalty, but also praised his world PAOK found in Scotland.

In detail what he said:

“It was a very difficult game, a very nice atmosphere. A big thank you to our fans who created this atmosphere, we are very happy to have won this game and we celebrated with them the winning goal after the penalty whistle which was also the last referee. After that goal, the emotions were incredible, that’s the beauty of football for us and tonight we’re enjoying it.”

To execute the penalty: “It was a very difficult situation because you can only get out as a loser at that moment. Everyone expects you to score, if you miss you are the big loser, if you score it is expected. I tried to stay 100% focused, not to think negatively at all, like for example “what if I lose it?” I had a clear mind, I managed to score and we won the game.

We must be proud of all the players on the pitch, on the bench and the technical staff that we managed to turn around a match like this. It’s not easy at all and the fact that we turned a game from 2-0 to 2-3 gives us a lot of energy to continue.”

For the PAOK friends who went to Scotland: “They are incredible. The fact that so many fans came was delightful, they also gave 100% from their side, we listened to them continuously throughout the 90 minutes, they were awesome and we thank them very much. I think that players, fans and in general everyone who came today (s.s. yesterday) here, he will never forget this night.’

Source: Sport Fm

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