“Shocked” the SEF and shouted that Panathinaikos is coming back!


He threw down his… castle Olympiakos and Panathinaikos!

With a terrible defense and an unreal Dino Mitoglou on both sides of the floor, the “greens” won 66-54 the “red and whites”, ending the 42-game winning streak that they had in the Stoiximan Basket League regular season.

Derby with all its game with enough basketball… wood, with the match open (50-52), until 34′. From that point on, his team Ergin Ataman took complete control, added pressure to Piraeus, who were not even taking shots (they had 4/16), taking the pink leaf as well.

The international forward of the “greens” finished the match with 20 points and 10 rebounds, while a good performance from Matias Lessor with 8 p. and 11 rebounds. On his return as an opponent in SEF, o Kostas Sloukas he played for 23:27”, having 5 points (2/9 shooting), 5 rebounds and 5 assists.

From Olympiakos, who was woefully off target except for the shots and on three points (6/23)stood out Nigel Williams-Goss with 14 points and Kanan with 11 points.

The match

Olympiacos started the derby with Fall, Peters, Papanikolaou, Kanan and Walkup, while on the other hand Panathinaikos started with Lesor, Mitoglou, Grigonis, Guy and Grant. The first shot of the match was Guy’s accurate three-pointer, with the “red and whites” responding with Peters and Papanikolaou, but offensive rebounds and Lessor keeping the “greens” (5-9) ahead in the first five minutes. Piraeus then responded with good defense and baskets in the open court, going on a 7-0 run, for +3 (12-9), with Grigonis making it 12-11 in the first period.

The slow attacks from both lasted for the first four minutes of the second period, with Olympiakos steadily maintaining its lead (19-18). Then, the “greens” were very misguided with the “red and whites” securing the rebounds and Milutinov and Williams-Goss escaping to +9 (27-18), at 16′. The “clover” reacted and reduced with Hernangometh and Mitoglou (27-23), with Larentzakis’ three-pointer sending the Piraeus back to +7 (30-23), at 18′. However, the last two minutes belonged to the visitors, who with good defense and Slukas and Mitoglou offensively made individual scores 1-5, at the end of the first half (31-28).

The start of the second half was more… lively, with the three-pointers of Peters and Kanan keeping Olympiakos, but Lessor and Mitoglou bringing the derby to a tie (37-37), at 13′. Walkup “broke” the tie temporarily, but Grigonis and Mitoglou made the turnaround for Panathinaikos and its lead (39-42), while then the international forward brought the “greens” to +5 (40-45). in the 29th minute. In the last attack, the three-pointer of Williams-Goss brought the derby to the basket (43-45), at the end of the third period.

Williams-Goss brought the derby back to a tie (45-45), but Guy and Hernangomet again went +5 (45-50) to Panathinaikos at the start of the fourth period. With the offensive rebounds, the “red and white” came back and reduced the basket (50-52), but Mitoglou’s exuberant performance on both sides of the floor gave the “green” baskets in the open court for +6 (50-56) , at 35′. This put a lot of pressure on Barzoka’s side, who weren’t getting any shots off. Thus, the “greens” continued their… party under the baskets and with Mitoglou and Lessor they escaped even more, with Olympiacos unable to react and thus taking the victory with the final 66-54.

The quarters: 12-11, 31-28, 43-45, 54-66

See the match statistics here

Watch the film of the match here

Source: Sport Fm

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