Grosso on the attack on the bus: “They stoned us for 2-3 minutes – People with nothing on their heads”


The serious episodes before her match caused an uproar Marseille with the Lyonwhere Marseille fans attacked the visitors’ coach with stones, resulting in Fabio Grosso getting a serious hit in the eye.

The Italian coach in the press conference ahead of the match with Metz stated, among other things, that they stoned the bus for 2-3 minutes, adding as needed to make immediate decisions so that this does not happen again.

Fabio Grosso’s statements in detail:

For his health:She’s getting better. She needs to get better. We had a very sad day for sport. This day should make sports think. We cannot put people’s lives at risk. Unacceptable things have been done on our bus by Marseille supporters».

On the bad decisions made before the match:It was a sad day because we went to play a big match, in a big stadium. It was supposed to be a day of celebration. We still don’t really understand the day we lived through. I have nothing against Marseille and their supporters. We should not wait for something more serious to make decisions. I hope they were not supporters of Marseille and that they were people with nothing on their heads. You have to make decisions».

For security before and after the match:I have the impression that we took a trip that we shouldn’t have. We entered a field with two motorcycles and two police cars (as an escort) and then left the field with 25 vans and 20 motorcycles. We try to do things after but we have to do before. Decisions must be important.

I’m not talking about a sporting advantage but about safety for us. It’s me but it could have been a player, the bus driver, anyone on our bus and the supporters’ bus. We have no right to allow such things to happen even if we know there are people around who are sick in their heads and that this can happen. We must do everything to prevent this from happening again. I hope we will move in that direction».

For the photos of his injury:It wasn’t the most important thing. I wish my face didn’t turn the world. I would like no person to go around the world. I wish in the future those who have to take responsibility will make decisions. This must not happen again. Something incredible happened to me. They stoned us for two or three minutes. We passed a road where there were many stones everywhere. As I said, something should be decided before and not after something serious happens. I hope this won’t happen again».

Source: Sport Fm

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