Savvopoulos: “The image of Mars is inexplicably bad – He is paying for the mistakes made at the beginning of the year”


In the reasons that Mars he presented such a heartbreaking face especially in the second half of the match with Atromitos and fatefully met her loss (1-3) stood the Alexis Savvopoulos via News Bulletin 247.

In the first half, the image of Aris was not bad, but it had a problem in the final energy. In the second half the picture is inexplicably bad, you can’t justify it. Atromitos was very compact and read and punished the mistakes of Ares. It seemed again that there are no alternative options from the bench, while some players at least so far seem unable to respond. Although Menendez is trying, he has no substance, Moron is undergoing deformation, Verstrate after the penalty was completely out of the game, Montoya was unimaginably bad yesterday and Ferrari has problems defensively. Suleimanov also had a mediocre day yesterday, because Ilyich obviously realized that from there he is the main source of danger for his team“, he said.

Aris is paying for the mistakes that have been made since the beginning of the year and the questioning of what the team can achieve this year returns. He went through a set of theoretically passable games at home without getting the points he deserved and put a big problem on his backs. He needs to win now in Volos so that he doesn’t have a bigger problem at the break and then some players come back. The management should think very seriously about making 2-3 additions in January where the team is hurting“, added the Aris reporter.

Source: Sport Fm

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