Great Olympiacos beat Arcada Galati and returned to the Champions League groups!


Great Olympian in Romania, step on it Arcada Galati and returned to the elite!

The champions of Greece and European Cup winners although they found their backs against the wall from the host of the second phase of the qualifiers, they reacted and with an organized block and an excellent serve, prevailed 3-1 set getting the ticket for his groups CEV Champions League!

Now Daniel Castellani’s team will be in the group with the mighty and title holder Zaksa from Poland, the Turkish Zirat and the CEV Cup finalist, Roselard!

It should be noted that Olympiacos will compete in the top European club competition after 9 years!

As far as the match is concerned, Olympiakos struggled in the first set and tied 9-9 with Dragan Travitsa. The home team could not escape the score, but two mistakes by the players of Castellani brought Arcada to 19-15. Stern cut for Olympiakos to 22-20, but the Romanians reached a bowl set (24-21) and took the set 25-22.

Olympiacos reacted and took the lead in the second set 10-8 and then 12-9 with Chandrinos. Arcada reacted by taking the lead again, but Olympiacos reorganized and escaped with +4 (17-21) at a critical point, with a block by Pagenk, who with the first time, “wrote” the score 22-18! The 25-18 and 1-1 in the sets came after the Romanians were out.

In the same pattern in the next two sets with Olympiakos constantly having the lead in the third and taking advantage of all the weaknesses of the Romanian champion, reaching the 2-1 set with 25-19.

With the qualification decided, Olympiacos continued to be excellent in the 4th set as well. The block remained impenetrable with Olympiakos making it 18-10 and the hosts reducing to 20-14 and 23-20. In fact, Arcada brought the match to a draw 24-24, 25-25 and 26-26, but with two consecutive points by Dalakouras, the “red and white” reached 28-26 and the victory with a 3-1 set.

The sets: 1-3 (25-22, 18-25, 19-25, 26-28)

The variance:

1st set: 8-6, 16-15, 21-18, 25-22

2nd set: 8-7, 15-16, 17-21, 18-25

3rd set: 5-8, 13-16, 14-21, 19-25

4th set: 3-8, 8-16, 14-21, 26-28

*Arkada Galati’s points came from 7 aces, 37 attacks, 9 blocks and 35 opponent errors and Olympiacos’ 4 aces, 53 attacks, 12 blocks and 31 opponent errors.

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