The AEK line-up: With Callens in the stoppers and Araujo-Garcia at the top


THE AEK welcomes her Ghoul for the 11th matchday of the Stoiximan Super League and wants to return to three points.

An hour before kick-off, the “yellow and black” line-up was announced, with Matias Almeida making several changes compared to the last match against Marseille.

Stankovic, Cullens, Mohammadi, Eliasson and Araujo return to the starting line-up.

With a 4-4-2 arrangement, Stankovic is in goal, with Sidibe, Vida, Cullens and Mohammadi in the defensive four. Szymanski is a clear cutter, Pineda in front of him and Gatsinovich and Eliasson on the sides. Araujo will move peripherally and on the side of Levi Garcia.

AEK (Matias Almeida): Stankovic – Sidibe, Vida, Cullens, Mohammadi – Szymanski, Pineda, Eliasson, Gacinovic – Araujo, Garcia.

On the bench are Athanasiadis, Mukudi, Pelios, Mitoglou, Mandalos, Van Weert, Zuber, Ponce and Pissarro.

Lamia (L. Vokolos): Koselev, Sidclay, Simon, Janetopoulos, Papadopoulos, Amaral, Santana, Slivka, Martinez, Tsiloulis, Carlitos

On the counter: Hadjiemmanouil, Cornezos, Tsilianidis, Stanko, Zandaris, Tosic, Pavlavets, Malchi, Longo

Source: Sport Fm

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