Aichmes Poget for EPO: “My partner has been unpaid for eight months – We have to prepare for the playoffs in March”


The internationals gathered in the morning Monday (13/11) at the hotel where she will stay National for their next two games against New Zealand and France.

This, however, caused great feeling is what the federal coach said, Gustavo Poget. As he mentioned during his statements to the journalists, his close partner is not with him in the preparation, as eight months to pay!

Essentially, the 55-year-old technician has thrown three… punches in his statements. After, he mentioned to his assistant, the issue with the training center, but also the fact that the friendly on Friday (17/11) with New Zealand will be behind closed doors.

Gustavo Poget’s statements in detail:

For the upcoming matches of Greece: “I have invited 32 players and all 31 are here. We won’t have time for practice, so I have to see them. We are not looking at France, from Saturday we will be here. We should prepare for the playoffs in March».

For France: “We will use the match against France as a test of how we can stand against better teams».

For the changes in the next matches: “With Holland we saw things we wanted, we want them with France too».

For the many training centers that the team changes: “I’m trying to convince the Federation people to get a training center. But there is also a limit to what I can do. The relationship with the fans is in a very good place and we will have to play without them on Friday. We wanted to have the crowd because we have won their appreciation, but it will be behind closed doors against New Zealand».

For his assistant: “Mauricio Tarico, my assistant, is not here. He has not been paid by the federation for 8 months. We want some rules, it’s not about money, it’s about respect. Unfortunately, we won’t have Tariko this week».

Source: Sport Fm

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