Tagliafico revealed how Messi could compete in the next World Cup


Almost a year ago, Mr Lionel Messitook her hand Argentine national team and led it to the top of the world, winning the World Cup, being the tournament’s leading player with seven goals and three assists.

The 36-year-old with the World Cup victory finished the… soccerhaving taken everything while winning the most trophies in the history of the sport (44).

Messi’s desire to continue to succeed in the Albiceleste jersey is huge and for this he will compete next summer in the Copa America, with Pulga’s team as the title holders.

However, the big question mark that exists is whether the Argentine, at 39 years old, will also compete in the next World Cup in 2026, with his teammate, Nicolas Taliafikos, to give the solution to the question:

The key to Messi competing in the 2026 World Cup is winning the Copa America next summer. If we hadn’t won the World Cup in Qatar, it would have stopped. But he earned it and wants to enjoy these months. So if we go to the United States and win the Copa America, he will want to continue“, characteristically, her defender said Lyon on Via La Nacion.

Source: Sport Fm

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