Claver: “Maybe Mitoglou is the best four in Europe – Juancho is charismatic”


THE Victor Claver he is a forward who once came very close to wearing his shirt Panathinaikou AKTORalthough this move never came to fruition.

However, as her player Lokomotiv Kuban, Barcelona and Valenciahas been numerous times in OAKA as an opponent, which also happened in the latter’s recent match against the “greens”.

After the specific match, the Spanish forward spoke to BasketNews about his two… teammates at Panathinaikos AKTOR, Juancho Hernangomet and Dino Mitogloudeifying them both.

What he said in detail:

Regarding the transfer of Juancho to Panathinaikos: “There were rumors that he was going to Barcelona with his brother, but I found out about Panathinaikos the day before he signed. He was very clear that it would end up here. Apart from his undeniable quality as a player, Juancho is a very charismatic person. Just watch the movie [Hustle] in which he starred. He also became an actor! He does more than just basketball. People like that and bond with it.”

About Mitoglou and whether he is the best “4” in Europe: “It’s clear he’s in great form and full of confidence. Well, now that Mirotic is playing the small forward position, it might be easier to say Mitoglou is the best. But I think it is very difficult to choose one player. I don’t like to single out anyone as the best because it all depends on where you play and when you are. I don’t like to rank players.”

Source: Sport Fm

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