Tsepelis: “There is no ceiling for AEK Betsson BC – Campengele is working hard and has room for improvement”


THE AEK Betsson BC had a shaky start to the season, but is gradually finding its footing and putting in some impressive performances, culminating in a 90-70 win over PAOKthanks to his “orgies”. Emphiondou Campengele (30 points, 16 rebounds).

Joan Platha’s assistant, Vangelis Tsepelisspoke to EOK Web Radio about the start of the year, the team’s need for support from the world, but also the terrible Campengele.

He said in detail:

About the change of face of AEK in the 2nd half with PAOK: “We said that the image we have defensively was very bad. We fixed a few things that needed to be changed in the game and the players understood. It’s something we work on in training anyway, we’re just waiting for it to come out. To a point we have succeeded. It is also the coach’s philosophy where he wants us to start from a pressing defense towards a fast attack. So we want to slowly put these pieces together.”

For AEK’s performance so far: “The matches were continuous, the fatigue was great, however we had done our preparation properly since the summer. We know it’s a difficult year and luckily we’ve responded to the games so far.”

For his team’s readiness level: “Essentially there is no “ceiling”, every day we have to improve. What the coach is trying to convey to us is that first of all we have to improve the players, along with that the team improves and slowly the result comes. We are at a very good level.”

For the upcoming (02/12) away game against Prometheus: “At the moment, I think Prometheus is the team with the most goals in the Greek league, with talent and a good coach. It will definitely be a game worth checking out. We are working for this match now.”

To support the world: “Certainly for us our ultimate goal is to gather the crowd again in the stadium and offer a nice spectacle. So far we’ve had some ups and downs, just like with PAOK, where in the 1st half it wasn’t quite what we wanted, but in the 2nd half we succeeded and responded.”

As for whether there is a risk of creating some… complacency in AEK the 4-0 they have in the BCL: “It’s a piece we’ve started working on. For us, the record we have or would have has no meaning. We want, anyway, to look at each match individually and to see improvement from game to game. The purpose is not only victory, but how we achieve that victory. Whatever has happened in the previous games, we quickly try to forget it and look to the next one.”

On his collaboration with coach Joan Plata: “I definitely keep his workaholic attitude. He is a man who works very hard to get results, he works very hard on the details, which makes a difference. He tries to improve the player in his detail as well. This is what sets him apart and what motivates the players to work harder to reach a higher level.”

For Efiondou Kampengele: “Kampengele is a kid who lives the game. But we have to check this too, because everything will not always be fine. He is a player with many qualities, he just needs to improve 2-3 things to go even further. He is a kid who enjoys and lives the game and it shows. In Campengele, everything we see is the result of work, he works very hard on the field and listens to his coaches. He certainly has room for improvement, but he is also at a very good level.”

Source: Sport Fm

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