How… Taylor Swift can cause trouble for Lyon in the battle for survival!


We may have December, but the Lyon has already fired two managers (Laurent Blanc and Fabio Grosso) while struggling to escape the Ligue 1 relegation zone!

With just seven points in 13 matches, the “Lyons” occupy the last place in the standings, with the difference from the playouts being five points and that from the save six.

We certainly have a lot of future in the year, however the possibility that the former permanent champion of France will be in playouts cannot be excluded under any circumstances.

As indicated by foreign media, if this happens and Lyon goes to the play-offs, it may give the crucial rematch of the double matches on another field!

You see, this year’s playouts are scheduled for May 30 and June 2, with the first match taking place at the home of the winner of the Ligue 2 playoffs and the second leg at that of the 16th in the major division.

But with her Taylor Swift to have scheduled appearances at the stadium of Lyon on the 2nd and 3rd of the monththere is a problem with the availability of Groupama Arena…

So if the “Liones” end up trying to save the year in the playoffs, they will probably have to do it away from home…

Source: Sport Fm

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