“Air” passed from Tripoli and Panserraikos put… 1.5 feet in the quarter-finals!


“Lion” in Tripoli o Panseraikosmade the decisive qualifying step!

Pablo Garcia’s team won 2-0 Star for his “16” phase Greek Cup Betssonin a match that took advantage of the chances it created, was solid in its defensive duties and is with… 1.5 feet in the quarter-finals.

In the first part o Thomas he opened the scoring with a wonderful foul shot, while in the replay o Sofianos perfectly executed Papadopoulos for the second goal, in which Hadjistravos also played a decisive role with the assist.

So the Panseraikos became a clear favorite to qualify for the quarter-finals, with the second leg expected on January 10 at the stadium of Serres. It should be noted that whichever team gets the ticket for the “8” will face the winner of the pair PAOK-Volos.

In the minds of the coaches:

With several changes in the compositions of the two teams, in relation to the game between them for the championship last Saturday (02/12). THE Rastafarian lined up his team with 4-2-3-1 and Papadopoulos under the goal. Huhoumis, Grozdanic, Picsu and Garthia in defense, while Alagbe and Sourlis took the midfield positions. In the central attacking trio, Zouglis, Sito, Crespi, with only Miritelos promoted.

On the other side, with the same arrangement he had the players on the pitch and Garcia. In goal, Katsikas, with a foursome in defense of Gotzamanidis, Thymianis, Petavrakis and Tsagkalidis. In the midfield, Moreira and Ouedraogo, while in front of them in the trio, Sofianos, Masaripov and Tomas. At the top of the attack is Bairovic.

The match:

Without any phase in the first minutes of the game, with the two teams trying to find their automations and steps, as it was seen that the many changes in the elevens of the two teams affected. In the 4th Tsagkalidis he felt discomfort and was unable to continue and his place was taken by Deligiannidis. In the 8th minute, the hosts tried to go against Regis who had made the move, but Katsikas came out quickly and moved away.

In the 18th minute, the “lions” had a good moment from the left, when from a nice collaboration o Petavrakis he entered the area and took the turn, but Papadopoulos got out smartly and cleared away. The visitors at that point in the game “pressed” better and tried to look threatening.

In the 28th minute Bairovic got a header, but the ball went wide from his fine free kick Thomas, however, the offside flag was raised. Two minutes later (30′) the hosts quickly went on the counter-attack, Regis avoided Gotzamanidis and took the shot, but Katsikas had no problem and blocked.

Panserraikos continued to be in the region of Asteras with better conditions and in the 38th minute he opened the scoring! Defensive inactivity in the Asteras defense, with Masaripov taking advantage of it and seeing the gap unmarked Thomas, who received the ball and with excellent placement, did not leave room for reaction to Papadopoulos for 1-0. Afterwards, the visitors closed the spaces, were not threatened and went to the locker room with their advantage score.

At the start of the second half, Rastavac wanted to make his team more aggressive and made three changes, bringing on Munafo, Bartolo and Kaltsa. In 51′, Munafo cleverly saw Bartolo in the area, he turned his body nicely and took the shot, but it was weak and Katsikas blocked easily.

So, at a point when Asteras was better and trying to find the equalizing goal, Panserraikos was effective in the opportunity it found and made it 2-0! Attacking with patience, Hadjistravos made a great assist to Sofiano who with an ideal placement through the area sent the ball into the net of Papadopoulos.

In 58′, the kinetic Bartolo took the shot, but it was bad and went high, while in 68′ the Argentinian made an excellent cross from the right, Miritello took the header, but sent the ball over Katsikas. Another moment in the 72′ for Asteras who tried to reduce, when Valiente made the header, but Katsikas impressively said “no” to him.

In the last period of the match, the hosts tried to find the goal that would put them back in the match, but Panserraikos had closed their lines correctly and had Katsikas in an excellent afternoon. Nevertheless, Asteras shouts about the 90′ ​​phase, where he scored with Kaltsa, but the goal was disallowed as an offensive foul on Katsikas, in a match that did not have VAR. So the Panseraikos won 2-0 and took the important step of qualifying for the next phase of the Betsson Greek Cup.

MVP: THE Thomas he scored an excellent goal with a deflected shot that gave his team the lead, while he was very mobile and caused a lot of problems for Astera’s defense.

The whistle: Asteras shouts for the 90′ ​​phase with the goal canceled by Tsimenterides for an offensive foul on Goat, in a match that did not have VAR. Throughout the match he managed the strong duels correctly, however, the phase at the end will be discussed…

Asteras Tripoli (Rastavats): Papadopoulos, Grozdanic (56′ Kastanio), Atientha, Roube, Houkhumis, Alagbe (46′ Munafo), Sourlis (25′ tr. Valiente), Zouglis, Sito (46′ Kaltsas), Crespi (46′ Bartolo), Miritelo .

Panserraikos (Garcia): Katsikas, Gotzamanidis (63′ Maskanakis), Thymianis, Petavrakis, Tsagkalidis (6′ tr. Deligiannidis), Moreira, Ouedraogo, Sofianos, Masaripov (46′ Hadjistravos), Tomas (82′ Oikonomou), Bairovics (63′ Alexics). .

Source: Sport Fm

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