Good start for Panathinaikos in the men’s table tennis Europe Trophy group


In the first phase of this year’s Europe Trophy table tennis for men, which concerns the Regions for the first group of the so-called Region 4 and in the first match, he beat the Italian Marcocchi with 3-1 sets. He had difficulties for about a game and a half in theory and after 0-1 on the team score he dominated.

Panathinaikos has two more matches to play in the group, on Saturday and Sunday, and appears as the favorite to win first place and direct qualification to the final stage. His next opponent will be the Serbian Zeleznicar.

For the same region of the Men’s Europe Trophy, another group is held in Valletta, the runners-up of the group groups will face off in a play-off for a third qualification.

Marcozzi has as their first player a very remarkable Romanian, Darius Toma. He gave the Italian club the lead with a remarkable 3-1 set win against Konstantinos Angelakis.

In the next match, France’s Emmanuel Lebesson encountered obstacles only in the first set. After overcoming them, he took a 3-0 set win against the Italian Lorenzo Martielli and in general the continuation was relatively easy for Panathinaikos. In the final 3-1, Lebesson achieved another victory, while in between Konstantinos Konstantinopoulos prevailed in his own match.

Nikos Antoniadis sat on the bench and Lefteris Makras is the coach.

Saturday afternoon sees the other group game between local MITTTC and Zeleznicar.

In detail, the progress of the match Markotsi-Panathinaikos 1-3:

Darius Tomas-Konstantinos Angelakis 3-1 (12-10, 11-6, 8-11, 11-6)

Lorenzo Martinelli- Emmanuel Lebesson 0-3 (9-11, 4-11, 5-11)

Maxim Kuznetsov-Konstantinos Konstantinopoulos 0-3 (3-11, 9-11, 7-11)

Thomas-Lebesson 0-3 (6-11, 3-11, 2-11)

The schedule of Panathinaikos’ next matches:

09/12 13:00 Valletta, Panathinaikos-Zeleznicar (Serbia)

10/12 13:00 Valletta, MITTTC (Malta)-Panathinaikos

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