AEK: “They deprived us of the title, the efforts of our athletes went to waste”


He reached the… source, but AEK did not drink the water, losing the boxing title. Erasitechniki issued a statement, stressing that the judges stripped her of the title.

The announcement

On a day that could have been characterized as historic for the Association, but also for the sport of Boxing, we are unfortunately asked once again to write about the situation that prevails in Greek sports. Victim this time, Greek boxing and the AEK section.

On the 4th and last day of the Panhellenic Men’s-Women’s Elite Boxing Championship, AEK claimed its first Women’s Championship. The boxing department has been taking continuous steps forward for years, with investments in time and money, and after the titles of Champion and Polinikis in the Adolescents, it was able to claim the Panhellenic Women’s Championship as well.

Kyriaki Daponte with a great performance prevailed over Kyrimis (Panathinaikos AO) and won the gold medal at 52 kg. On the contrary, Iro Hasapi was defeated by stoppage in the 1st Round by Papadatou (AS Phoenix) at 60 kg.

This was followed by the victory of Sofia Legaki over Xagoraris (ASP Amarousiou) at 63 kg, while in the last “yellow and black” final, Despina Makri was defeated by a unanimous decision (5-0) by the referees from Mavrommati (Olympiacos SFP).

AEK scored a total of 4 victories in the Women’s round in the 4-day round, collecting 12 points, while Olympiacos also reached the same number, with the title being given to the Piraeus team due to a better collection of medals. However, in some matches, the judges really pissed off the people who were at the stadium “P. Giannakopoulos”, as their decisions were clearly wrong. Something that anyone can see through the live streaming, from which the matches were covered.

Thus, in the tie and with… decision of the judges, the effort of our athletes is wasted.

Unfortunately, one more title is missing from our Association. Unfortunately, the efforts of our athletes were not respected by some. We will continue our course and our struggle. After all, everyone saw, everyone understood.

At the same time, in the Women’s category, with the golds of Daponte (52 kg) and Legakis (63 kg) and the silvers of Hasapis (60 kg) and Makris (66 kg), AEK celebrated the bronze of Angeliki Kreatsoulis (52 kg).

In the Men’s category, Sarandos Kyvelos was defeated by Vagan Nanijanian (PAOK) at 92 kg and won the silver medal. Athanasios Droutsas won the bronze medal at 86 kg.

AEK warmly congratulates its sportsmen and women who raised the club’s flag high once again, as well as the coach, Panos Papadopoulos, and the head of the department, Akis Charalambous.

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