Tsorbatzoglou: “PAOK will have a loss of more than a million from the behind closed doors home derby”


The latest news of PAOK was broadcast on News Bulletin 247 and the show “Newsroom” by Dimitris Tsorbatzoglou!

The reporter of the “Bicephalous of the North” initially spoke about the upcoming match between Thessaloniki and Helsinkifor the sixth and final matchday of the Conference League groups, making it clear that there is no question of indifference for PAOK, who want the victory for the special UEFA rating, for the extra money, but also for the people of the team, who expected to be back in Toumba in… spring.

Then, he emphasized that the Baba Rahman has completed his treatment from the injury that plagued him and is back at Lucesco’s disposal, as are also the Zivkovic, Koulierakis. However, he made it clear that the estimates regarding the eleven that will be used by the Romanian technician are very difficult.

Finally, he emphasized that the financial loss that will be incurred by PAOK from the consecutive derbies he will give in his stadium without the presence of people, will be more than one million euros, while he added that the motion of censure against Evangelos Marinakis is aimed at isolating Olympiakos.

Listen to the audio:

Source: Sport Fm

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