Great cooperation of BCL with TEAM


An agreement of strategic importance was announced by FIBAwhile the TEAMa marketing company that significantly contributed to the launch of UEFA competitions and especially the Champions League, took on an advisory role for the Basketball Champions League and the Intercontinental Cupinitially.

The announcement:

FIBA ClubCo, the company founded by FIBA ​​and investment firm GCBH LP and which has been instrumental in reshaping the landscape of European interclub events, announces a strategic partnership with global sports marketing company, TEAM Marketing, until 2028.

TEAM will have an advisory role to FIBA ​​ClubCo on strategy (for growth) while managing the sponsorships of key events. During the first phase of the partnership, TEAM will support the Basketball Champions League and the FIBA ​​Intercontinental Cup by analyzing the strategic and commercial approach of the two events so far, and both sides will work together to improve them in 2024.

We are extremely pleased to be partnering with Team Marketing, an organization that has proven it can create and grow the value of intercollegiate events operating in a global environment“, said Champions League CEO Patrick Komninos. “TEAM Marketing has an unparalleled track record in product development and in helping shape sports ecosystems. We look forward to working together in this direction as it is clear that the club competition environment in Europe could benefit from greater clarity for fans and everyone involved“, added Mr. Komnenos.

The agreement means that TEAM is mandated to sell exclusively and worldwide the marketing rights of FIBA ​​Clubco, concerning the FIBA ​​Intercontinental Cup and the Champions League in the period 2024-2028.

Kerstin Lutz, Managing Director of Business Development at TEAM, commented: “We are excited to play a role in the growth of basketball on a global level. Building long-term relationships and the best events are what we are known for and we look forward to working with FIBA ​​ClubCo to help continue the growth of successful interclub events».

TEAM has been the exclusive partner of UEFA for its inter-club competitions since 1992.

Coupled with the enormous dynamics of football and European football competitions, TEAM is also credited with a huge share of the success that brought the football Champions League to where it is today.

The Champions League in 1992 started with TEAM securing 100 million dollars, reaching today when it is estimated that the annual turnover of the product exceeds 4 billion.

TEAM has renewed its partnership with UEFA until 2027. It played a key role in changing the format of the Champions League in 2009 as well as in the branding of the Europa League, the creation and format of which was its idea.

As the TV rights manager for the UCL and other UEFA competitions, TEAM sells its products in 180 different territories worldwide.

Source: Sport Fm

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