Father and son teammates in the 3rd national team!


When in May 2008 he was playing with Levadeiakos in the Super League, o Yannis Firinidis became a father for the first time. The 25-year-old, then, goalkeeper could not have imagined that after 15 years he would play as a teammate in a 3rd national team match with his son, Christos, as the EPO emphasizes in its announcement!

On Sunday, in Corfu, the 41-year-old Yannis Firinidis was under the goalposts of Vataniakos in the away game against Asteras Petritis, as he was in almost all the matches of the season. In the 66th minute of the game, the team’s coach, Giorgos Potouridis, also threw the little Christos Firinidis on the field, to make his debut in the division, without having turned 16 years old. For about half an hour, father and son did something that has never happened before at the 3rd National level and higher: They were teammates.

Christos plays as a midfielder and is a starter in the mixed teams of EPS Pieria, while his father, Yiannis, has been a professional goalkeeper for 20 years. He competed with Levadeiakos in the Super League, but also in historical teams such as Iraklis, AEL, Kavala and Pierikos of his hometown.

Father and son teammates are a common phenomenon at the level of local football and in mainly small societies, but at the level of national categories it is unprecedented!

Source: Sport Fm

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