End of Bushi exit scenarios – “United we can achieve great things”


With a statement, Michalis Bousis clarified his position. The owner of PAE OFI took care with a message to point out that his future is in the team with the goal of even better days while he calls on all his fans to stand by the players and the new coach now with the return of the people to the stadiums.

The statement of Michalis Bousis:

“I have been part of the OFI big family since October 2018 and I always try hard and give everything to make you all proud of our team, on and off the field.

I was raised with values ​​and I live by them every day of my life: To work hard, to respect, to care and to love my fellow human beings. I am not going to change these values ​​for anyone or anything.

Sometimes in football the games and the results don’t come our way, but we have to stick together and keep fighting. We have done it and we will do it again! Right now OFI needs everyone united and supportive.

Our home opens its doors again next Monday and the team needs the absolute support of all our fans who will be at “Jedi Koule”. I have always believed that together we can achieve great things for OFI, both now and in the future!

Source: Sport Fm

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