Dioudis: “My mistake against Olympiakos affected me more than anything”


He became “fatal” for Zaglebie o Socrates Dioudis. The former Panathinaikos goalkeeper, in his team’s match against Poustza, made a mistake which cost his team the points of victory with the match ending in 2-2.

In fact, after the end of the match, the experienced goalkeeper, with his statements on the Polish website weszlo.com, recalled a similar moment in the Olympiakos-Panathinaikos derby, when the “red and whites” prevailed 3-1 in the playoffs, with Dioudis making a tragic mistake in the phase of the equalization of Piraeus.

He even characterized this particular moment as: “a mistake that affected him more than any other in his career”.

What Sokratis Dioudis said in detail:

“You get used to people’s reactions. Goalkeepers are sometimes partially vulnerable in such situations. You can make some great saves but concede a goal in the last minute and all the blame falls on you. That’s how this job is and you should be mentally prepared. For the good, but also the bad times. Like everyone I didn’t want to make the mistakes I did.

It makes sense that during the season you will have a bad day or a weak moment. The mistake that affected me the most was in the Panathinaikos – Olympiacos derby. This is one of the biggest games in Europe and there is no doubt that it was a personal mistake.

I left the ball and conceded a goal. But that season was very successful for me, everyone knew that. It was just a single moment. I received many messages from fans supporting and comforting me. After a week I got over it and was in good shape again. That’s the key, to bounce back quickly.”

Source: Sport Fm

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