AEK: The return of Rota, the wait for Gacinovic and the… feared


Reinforced with Lazaro Rota will be the AEK in the away match against Aris on Sunday (19:30) for the last game of the Stoiximan Super League. The international right-back, who had played with a problem in the derby with PAOK (1-1) and was out since then), returned to full form yesterday and has a good chance of being in the starting lineup in the 26th matchday.

THE Matias Almeida can also count on Alex Cullens, who served his sentence against PAS and will logically return to the starting lineup. On the contrary, the Mijat Gacinovic he doesn’t have time to make himself available to Matias Almeida, but it is estimated that he will be ready for the premiere of the playoffs, next Sunday, something that Harold Mukudi and Zini are also fighting for.

In the meantime, the concern that exists in the “Union” concerns the footballers they are at the card limit and if they yellow on Sunday they will lose the first game of the playoffs. This category includes Zuber, Hadjisafi, Araujo and Pizarro.

It is noted that if someone fills out cards on the last game of the regular season, they are obliged to use it in the first match of the playoffs. Instead, the remaining cards are “erased” and the players start…clean in the playoffs. There, as in the regular season, punishments are provided for the three and six cards, however, unlike the regular season, there is no right to choose the match they will serve, but they serve a penalty in the next match from the one they received the third or sixth card.

Source: Sport Fm

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