Nan: “I came to Panathinaikos with the intention of returning to the NBA, but now I’m not sure”


Enjoys life in Panathinaikos and Greece o Kendrick Nunn. To such an extent that while he had come in October with the sole consideration of how he will return to the NBA, he is now thinking and does not rule out the possibility of staying in the “cloverleaf”. “Everything is great here, I feel the love“, emphasized the American guard.

In detail, he spoke to Amerikanos24 about:

-the choices in his life and career: “I’ve always tried to knock on that door that’s closed, always give that second chance, that second, third push. Do you understand what I’m saying. And I knock on the door and go through the back door. I was not selected and had to play in the G League. So, it was hard, but that’s who I am. I’m a kid from the south side of Chicago and nothing has come easy to me, so I embrace that. It’s not like I’m… moaning about it. It’s more pleasant that way.”

– the good performances of Panathinaikos: “I would say they mean something. I say this with the pride I feel. I’m part of my team and I’m just trying to make the team better. Do you understand what I’m saying; We, we practice a lot here and I’m the type of person, even though I play, I might play the most minutes and get the most use on the court, I come to every practice ready to play. And I demand that my teammates do the same. I try to make everyone better and we go out and do it together as a team. And my teammates have to get a lot of credit as well. Because we did it together. We went out there and did it together.”

-life in Greece: “Life here is good. Sunny days, many sunny days, very beautiful weather, beautiful city, beautiful restaurants, good people. I have definitely felt the love here. Um, I don’t have many complaints about Greece itself. It’s just that I’m a professional and I have certain routines and things like that. The European level has not reached this level yet. We plan the whole routine and the players love it. Do you understand what I’m saying? The demands, the time on the court, the time of treatment, the time of individual training. I would like more, but I’m sure they will come sooner or later. The organization does a very good job, In the NBA you can have a court card and shoot at 2:00. They would do it here too if I asked for it.”

– his future and whether he would remain at Panathinaikos: “Honestly it’s hard to say. I am completely honest. I mean, I originally came here with the goal of going back, but now I’m not sure. In between I had hits here and everything was great. Apparently the love was unmatched. If I were to go back, I would be more than happy to. I wouldn’t regret it at all.”

– his relationship with Dimitris Giannakopoulos: “We met a few times, but that was it. Just a few congratulations, a few messages. But he’s a great guy, a great guy.”

– the players who have made it more difficult for him both defense and attack: “It’s hard to say who is the hardest player to guard because I’ve never had someone cover me. With this system, there is help everywhere. So I never really felt like I had to put my feet up and play alone. Also the field is smaller so even if I get passed the help is there. So I never felt like I had to design my game for a specific player. The toughest defenders I’ve faced are Tavares and Fal. The guards don’t worry me because they play screen changes. So my teammate will obviously release me. And then I have the tall one across from me, just sitting there waiting for me. So it’s a little harder to game plan for that. And not especially for the person guarding me.”

– who does Kostas Sloukas remind him of: “That’s funny. Because I thought of someone when I first came here. But I would see him as a Dragic. He’s like Goran Dragic.”

-that Panathinaikos recovered immediately after all the defeats against Olympiacos: “One would expect that we would learn something from her defeat, but I think with this team, we move on too quickly and have amnesia for the last previous game, which is good, but it can cost us that we forget the way we lost and the mistakes we made. I think we’ve gotten better as the season goes on, but I think we could take another step to correct some mistakes and errors that we make during the game that cause us some losses, myself included.”

Source: Sport Fm

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