Normally in the rematch Fred has not completed cards


THE Olympic he got a great win, which could have come with a better score than the final 3-2 opposite to Fenerbahce and goes next Thursday to Istanbul to qualify for the semi-finals of the Conference League.

In the last few hours, a paraphilology was created that the Fred with the yellow card he received in the 73rd minute of yesterday’s match at “Georgios Karaiskakis”, he will be absent from the rematch. With some Turkish journalists, in fact, to… press on her and reproduce the scenario in question.

Nevertheless, Mr Fred has not completed the required number of cards to be penalized. Several people seem to have counted a yellow card that he had received in the qualifiers, which together with the one he had received in the group stage and yesterday’s, would constitute the three cards that completed the punishment.

However, from the qualifiers to the group stage the cards are not carried over but deleted. By Fred to have a card in the groups and in the match with North Zealand at the premiere and the other coming yesterday.

The Brazilian midfielder, and very important in Fener’s game, will therefore normally compete in the second leg, unlike Retzo who will be absent on behalf of Olympiakos, having completed cards.

Source: Sport Fm

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