Papatheodorou: “We are moving forward with optimism, we will give opportunities to young children”


Having a terrible last quarter (28-11) and hitting a total of 16 three-pointers, the Prometheus prevailed with his 96-73 Colossus in Patra.

After the match, Ilias Papatheodorou stated that he was satisfied with the appearance, while referring to the very good presence of young children such as Thanasis Bazinas and Nikos Plotas.

His statements in detail:

“We had a very good performance in the third quarter of the game. In the third quarter we lost our concentration and it makes sense. We were coming from a very demanding game against Malaga and it was not easy to keep the same pace for 40 minutes. We are pleased with the quality of the game we had. It is not easy to play in an empty stadium. We keep the win and move forward with optimism for the rest of the year.”

For the young players who stood out today: “Plotas, Bazinas, Karagiannidis are children who are the new blood of Prometheus. From the moment they respond to training, they are serious, they are disciplined, we will give them the opportunities. Plotas today was amazing, very serious, and precise in the attack. We are doubly happy for these children, because Greek basketball needs new players and Prometheus has been very supportive of this process and when these children are members of a team that stars in Greek basketball and are among the 8 best teams in Europe it is a very big deal for everyone.”

Source: Sport Fm

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