Bomb from “Mundo Deportivo”: Xavi talks to Laporta and thoughts of staying in Barcelona!


He dropped a bombshell from Spain regarding his future Xavi in Barcelona! According to what “Mundo Deportivo” reports in today’s report, the Catalan coach is considering changing the decision he has made to leave the team at the end of the season.

THE Xavi will soon have a meeting with the president, Joan Laportathe vice president, Rafa Youstebut also the sports director, Decoto analyze the whole situation from each parameter.

The “blaugrana” coach made sure in the past period to remind through his statements that at the end of the year he will leave the club and it is a decision that will not change. However, the pressure put on him by Laportabut also from the footballers, it seems that it makes him have second thoughts.

THE Xavi has a very good relationship with him Deco, with whom both President Joan Laporta and Vice President Rafa Juste have worked very well. Everyone has been making sure to continuously show their full support in recent weeks for the Spanish coach, while there are also several important players of Barcelona who have conveyed to him privately and publicly their desire that he should continue on the bench.

Of course, the 39-year-old wants to get the necessary guarantees from the administration regarding the transfer issues, while it seems that he himself wishes to be on the bench Barcelona the day it will return to its natural home, in the renovated “Camp Nou”.

Source: Sport Fm

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