Legend of the stadiums: At the top of Europe with a hat-trick in Milan, the “golden” kids of Olympiakos!


Olympiakos Youth also put an ideal end to their fairytale European journey this year!

Making an impressive appearance in this year’s grand final Youth League against very strong Milanthe “red and white” celebrated the historic victory with 3-0 and became the first Greek team to reach the top of a European competition!

Dominant for most of the great encounter and unerring defensively, Olympiacos may not have overturned their clear lead in the first half, but they managed to claim the historic win by scoring three goals in a span of seven minutes, from 59′ to in 66′!

THE Musician… paved the way to victory by slotting home a penalty awarded for Stalmach’s handball in the 59th minute, less than two minutes later, the Papakanellos scored from a very wide position after a great individual effort, while Bakulas made the final 3-0 in the 66th minute, with a dream reverse scissors!

In the mind of the coaches

With his classic 3-4-3 lined up Olympiakos o Sotiris Sylaidopoulos, choosing the same line-up that played in the semi-final against Nantes. Sina defended the goal, having a trio of stoppers in front of him: Kostas Kostoulas, Koutsidis and Prekate. Koutsogoulas started on the right side of the field, Alafakis on the left and Bakulas and Mouzakitis were the two midfielders, behind the attacking trio of Papakanellos, Pneumonidis and Charalambos Kostoulas.

The same eleven as in the semi-finals was chosen by Igancio Abateselecting system 4-3-3 with Raveyre as the goalkeeper, Manny, Simic, Ensiala and Bartesaghi as a defensive four, Stalmach, Malaspina and Geroli as a trio, while Scotti, Sia and Camarda formed the attacking trio.

The match

Olympiacos started impressively in the opening minutes of the final, creating their first chance to open the scoring in the third minute when Babis Kostoulas stole into the Milan half and delivered a beautiful pass to Pneumonitiswho, however, did not manage to emerge victorious in his tete-a-tete with him Raveirawhile after the phase o Bakulas shoot high out.

Pressing very high and making it very difficult for the “Rossoneri” defense in the transition of the ball, the “red and whites” missed a second great opportunity in the 9th minute, with Pneumonitis and Papacanello to work together flawlessly and with the second placing just barely past the left post, while in the 11th minute Pneumonidis again entered the Milan area threateningly and was brought down by the Italian goalkeeper, with the referee and VAR saying “you’re playing”.

After the dominance of Olympiakos in the first twenty minutes, Milan balanced the match and took more time in possession of the ball, but without particularly making it difficult for the very well organized and infallible defense of Sylaidopoulos’ team. In the 28th minute, Milan made their first final, with a long shot Jeroli to pass well above its horizontal beam Sinaiwhile in the 30th minute Koutsidis cleared Scotti’s dangerous shot.

In the 38th minute, Olympiacos missed its third big chance, with Pneumonitis to make a flawless individual effort and with the ball reach the Lamewho did the drag shoot for him Bakulabut he slotted weakly over Raveyre, from too much of an advantage.

At the start of the second half, Milan appeared improved, putting a lot of pressure on the defense of the “red and whites” and missing an important chance to open the scoring in the 53rd minute, with Sina reacting correctly to Scotty’s effort. In the 58′ and after a recommendation from VAR, a penalty was given in favor of Olympiakos for his hand Stalmachby Muzakite to execute accurately for 1-0!

Less than two minutes later and after a very quick counterattack, the “red and whites” doubled their lead by “hugging” the cup, when Papakanellos he entered the Milan area, avoided Stalmach with a terrible feint and scored from a wide angle, for 2-0! In fact, in the 66th minute, Olympiacos made it 3-0, “locking” the victory in the most impressive way, since after a cross from Koutsogoulas, Bakulas with one unimaginable reverse scissorsbeat the Italian goalkeeper!

In the remaining minutes and until the end, Milan pressed in search of a goal of hope, but the Sinai declared himself “present” with some impressive interventions, managing to keep a clean sheet and keeping the score at 3-0 until the final whistle of the referee, which found the terrible “babies” of Sylaidopoulos celebrating their historic success!

The compositions of the groups

Olympiakos (Silaidopoulos): Sina, K. Kostoulas, Koutsidis, Prekates, Koutsogoulas, Bakulas (88′ Tanoulis), Mouzakitis, Alafakis (72′ Damas), Papakanellos (76′ Liatsikouras), Pneumonidis (88′ Gatopoulos) and Kostoulas.

Milan (Abate): Ravier, Bartesaghi, Nsiala (69′ Liberali), Simic, Manny, Geroli, Malaspina, Stalmach (62′ Schimmelhack), Si (79′ Sala), Scotti, Camarda (79′ Bonomi).

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