Bartzokas: “Barcelona is a very experienced team with a very strong base – Huge success of the U19”


In experience but also in its headquarters Barcelona stood the George Bartzokas in his statements ahead of the first match between Olympiakos and the “Blaugrana” in the Euroleague Playoffs, on Wednesday afternoon (24/4, 22:00).

The Greek coach spoke during the departure of Piraeus for Barcelona, ​​also referring to the absence of Kostas Papanikolaou.

There is no doubting the difficulty of the undertaking. But, we’ve focused on the first game just not the series.

Papanikolaou developed a high fever and had to stay behind. Anyone who knows Olympiakos knows that his presence is important and his absence will obviously be important. Fortunately, this year we have enough players to be able to do the things he does on the court.”

Barcelona is a very experienced team. With a very strong headquarters. I read that it is the strongest seat in the Euroleague. This means that in order to win there, we will have to play really well. Both as a team and as individuals, may the players have a good night. Our plan must be effective. I think that in general rebounds always play a very important role. Possessions… Generally math is important in these cases. We will try to drop their rates. We have proven to have a good defence, but we have to not give them too much possession, not make mistakes and if we control the game in that regard, I think we will have a serious chance to win“, he initially stated, among other things.

Afterwards, he also praised the huge success of the K19 football Olympiacos in the final of the Youth League, noting that he has watched the last 2-3 matches.

Warm congratulations to the coach of Olympiakos K19, to all the stuff, to the players, to the club in general. A huge success, which I also saw in the last 2-3 games. I think this team has a lot of talent and I wish them to play in the first team of Olympiakos and soon. Now if it whets your appetite, as you can see our own club plays many semi-finals, finals in many different sports. The best we can gather this year will be important“, he underlined.

See the statements of Giorgos Bartzokas and Tomas Walkap during the departure of Olympiakos:

Source: Sport Fm

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