Ivan Savvidis at PAOK’s celebration: “What you achieved gave joy to millions of people – The team is a family”


PAOK is in a “delirium” of excitement, celebrating the fourth championship in its history, which it celebrated with afternoon feast which the whole team attended.

The strong man of the club could not be missing from there, Ivan Savvidis. The owner of the “black and white” PAE sent his own message to the players, Mr Razvan Loucescu, Makis Gagatsis and his son Georgewhile he characterized him PAOK “family” and expressed his gratitude to the footballers.

In detail what he said:

“I’m proud of you and what you’ve accomplished. I want to thank you, your wives and your children. I think you understand what I mean. When I talk to you individually I feel how much your family supports you.”

Guys I am grateful to you. I know you had a hard time, that it was a tough season and you fought until the end. What you have achieved with your work has brought joy to millions of people. Be happy, believe in yourself and the work being done here. Love your families and know that PAOK is a family”.

For Makis Gagatsis: “Makis has become one of the leading football players and knows how to… play chess before such finals. I want here in front of all of you to say a big thank you.”

For Lucescu: “Razvan thank you and I also want to thank your father, he is like a talisman for us and brings us good luck. May he live another 100 years and bring us another 100 championships with his luck.”

For his son, George Savvidis: “Always be with them and close to them.”

Source: Sport Fm

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