Mediliber awaits the players for work and analysis


Vice versa for the greatest game in its history counts o Olympic.

The people of Piraeus have a two-day day off from Jose Luis Mendiliber and from tomorrow they will get to work for his final Conference Leaguewhere next Wednesday (29/5) they will face Fiorentina at the OPAP Arena.

The Basque he expects everyone to gather exclusively in this match, the historic match against the Italians, and for this reason together with his partners they are preparing the analysis that will be done in the next few days, so that they can lift the first European title and, in fact, in Greece .

Mediliber is expected to give significant weight in preparation of the team, with an analysis of all aspects of the “violas”, and to enable the team to be ready for this game.

In the purely competitive partan issue that has not been clarified yet is the availability of Francisco Ortega.

The Argentinian fullback looks medically readybut the fact that he was out of action for 27 days is an issue that worries the coaching team.

Ortega has no rhythm and this may play a role in the final decision of Mendiliber on the left wing of the defense. There are, of course, several days until Wednesday and this will become clear in the upcoming training sessions.

Source: Sport Fm

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