Bartzokas: “You can’t rely on a star in a season with 90 matches – What remains is to have a good dressing room”


THE Olympic after the his victory over Fenerbahce took third place in the Final Four and ended this year’s trip to the Euroleague as best as possible.

In his statements at the press conference, Mr George Bartzokasthanked the people for their support throughout the year, while adding that he wants to pass on to the “red and whites” the unity that is above talent and big budgets.

At the same time, he said that in a season with over 90 matches you can’t count on a star and what remains in a time when basketball is changing is have a good dressing room.

In detail, what Giorgos Bartzokas said at the press conference:

I want to thank our fans who came here to support us once again. Unfortunately we are not in the final, but after a few days we will understand what we have achieved this year and I will be proud of what we have achieved. We had a bad first half against Real and that was enough to put us out of contention for the title. Today’s game was complicated, with the players not motivated, but we treated it as preparation for the next one. Congratulations also to Fener for their progress, they deserved to be here and I wish them the best of luck for the future.

I want to instill in Olympiakos a culture that includes the lack of ego, the unity we should have, above talent and big budgets. I am very happy that we have the support of our people. They sold out all season and were by our side, even today. Glad about that. Of course, in a big team like Olympiacos only the titles count, but for me it is important to have such a philosophy and I am proud of it.

My philosophy changes every year. You have to follow where basketball is going and what it takes to be successful. You can find in the market the players that suit your system, but sometimes it is not possible. The market is closed and difficult. The US market creates many problems in the European market. But if you keep a trunk you are successful. I consider stability very important. If possible and the market allows it, it is important to keep a squad of 9-10 players. You can’t rely on a star in a season of almost 90 games. Quality, size, athleticism are important, but you also have to have a team that can play well together. Basketball changes, but what remains is that everyone has to be good together and you have to have a good locker room».

Source: Sport Fm

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