Finally, Tzavellas from Atromitos: “I don’t regret a moment – Football needs more “Spanos””

Finally, Tzavellas from Atromitos: “I don’t regret a moment – Football needs more “Spanos””

End credits they fell into his presence Giorgos Tzavellas to Fearless.

The PAE of Peristeri has announced the integration of the collaboration with the Greek stopper and said goodbye to him as friend.

He, for his part, noted that he didn’t regret a moment who wore the team jersey and talked to me flattering words about him Giorgos Spanos.

The announcement in detail

“PAE Atromitos announces the completion of its cooperation with Giorgos Tzavellas, after a competitive season of offering to our team.

Giorgos Tzavellas wore the jersey with “Asteri” 24 times and managed to score once.

For the family of Atromitos, it was a great pleasure to collaborate with Giorgos Tzavellas, a footballer with a long professional career at the top level of European football and who honored the jersey with the national emblem, reaching 50 appearances.

In this context, George will be considered a friend to our team.

After the completion of the cooperation, Giorgos Tzavellas spoke to

“I would like to thank the entire Atromitos family for this time of our cooperation and I really do not regret a moment, that I made the decision last September to return to Greece and do this through Atromitos.

I would like to thank Mr. Yiannis Angelopoulos for our daily cooperation. He is a man who works 24 hours a day in Mazarakis for the advancement of Atromitos and lives for Atromitos.

I would also like to say a big “thank you” to the president, Mr. Giorgos Spanos. He is a top performer and I was lucky enough to meet him personally through our collaboration on Atromitos.

He is passionate about football and adores Atromitos, but most importantly he cares about the progress of Greek football.

In addition, he loves the national team and whenever he was asked, he was by their side and Greek football needs more “Spanos”.

Source: Sport Fm

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