Nimbo signed with Armani and was incorporated in Slovenia!

Nimbo signed with Armani and was incorporated in Slovenia!

Although the Slovenia he “burns” enough with his subject Luka Doncicthe representative group of the country was very significantly strengthened in the front line, in view of its participation in the Pre-Olympic tournament in Greece.

In particular, his first training session – albeit a relaxed one – in her jersey was carried out by Josh Nimbo. After the necessary actions were taken and the American center received the Slovenian passport, now is available to assist the team in its duties.

Already, however, the most “old” naturalized has been called in the default, Mike Tobeyso the federal technician Alexander Sekulich he will make his final roster choice after first determining which of the two is in better shape.

From there, the Slovenian press revealed that the formal part of Nimbo’s transfer to Armani was also completed. In fact, her former center Maccabi Tel Aviv he traveled to the country via Milan, where he has been for the past few days, to sign his new contract with the Italian champions.

So, now all that remains is the announcement from Armani Milano about its acquisition.

Source: Sport Fm

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