Martinez: “What Ronaldo did should be shown to all football academies in Portugal”

Martinez: “What Ronaldo did should be shown to all football academies in Portugal”

The top derby of the 6th group of Euro 2024 turned into a walk for the Portugalwhich prevailed comfortably with Turkey score 3-0thus securing her qualification to the round of 16 as the first.

However, the one who was commented positively after the end of the match was altruistic move by cristiano ronaldo in the 56th minute, who, while coming out in a tête-à-tête with the Turkish keeper, preferred to give a ready goal to Bruno Fernandes for 3-0, despite the fact that if he scored he would make history, as the first player to find the net in six Euros!

This action praised with statements by the federal coach of Portugal, Roberto Martinezas of course his leadership presence Pepewhich although he is 41 years old, remains at the highest level!

Roberto Martinez’s statements in detail:

“We played like in the match against the Czech Republic with the only difference being that this time we managed to score first. I am happy with the concentration my players showed in the defensive part and that they kept the clean sheet intact.

Turkey played well but we held on and from the moment we found the goal that put us in front of the score, we controlled the game.

Now, since we have cleared the qualification, I can also give a chance to players who have had little involvement so far because they deserve it.

A neutral looking at Pepe cannot imagine that he is 41 years old. Portuguese football is a great example, it is professional 24 hours a day. He trains hard and rests properly.

Tonight we also saw something special. A striker like Ronaldo standing in front of the goalkeeper and instead of executing, giving an assist to a teammate.

What a great example! What Cristiano did should be shown to all football academies in Portugal.”

Source: Sport Fm

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