BCL: AEK in the first capacity group

BCL: AEK in the first capacity group

THE FIBA announced the capacity groups ahead of the draw for the Basketball Champions League which will take place on Wednesday at 12:00.

THE AEK is in the first capacity group, while the Pigeon bwin and Prometheus have been placed at second and the rookie Colossus of Rhodes in the fourth. Each team cannot be drawn with teams from the same capacity group in the regular season, and will take one team from every other group. In the first phase, teams from the same country cannot compete.

Each of the eight groups includes four teams, with the first in each group advancing to the “16” and the second-placed teams playing a play-in with one of the third-placed teams, claiming the remaining “16” spots.

1st Group: AEK, Tenerife, Malaga, Manresa, Murcia (Spain), Hapoel Holon (Israel), Galatasaray (Turkey), Ritas Vilnius (Lithuania)

2nd Group: bwin Pigeon, Prometheus, Ostend (Belgium), Karsijaka (Turkey), Falko Sobatelli (Hungary), Igokea (Bosnia), Riga (Latvia), Dertona (Italy)

3rd Group: Rasta Fechta, Chemnitz (Germany), Nanterre, St. Quentin (France), Manisa (Turkey), Szczecin (Poland), Reggiana (Italy), Maccabi Ramat Gan (Israel)

4th Group: Colossus, Würzburg (Germany), FMP (Serbia), Slask (Poland) + four qualifying teams

THE PAOKwho will enter the qualifiers vying for one of the last four spots in the regular season, have been placed in the first capacity group along with Bonn and will be in the same qualifying tournament as one team from each capacity group.

1st Group: PAOK, Bonn (Germany)

2nd Group: Sassari (Italy), Sole (France)

3rd Group: Den Bos (Netherlands), Juventus (Lithuania)

4th Group: Oradea (Romania), Antwerp (Belgium)

5th Group: Caledonia Gladiators (UK), Andorra (Spain).

6th Group: Petkimspor (Turkey), Spartak (Serbia)

Source: Sport Fm

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