Apple: Why did it decide to cut production of the iPad? |


Apple Inc. has reduced production of the iPad tablet in order to add more components to the production of the iPhone 13.

This development is an indication that the global shortage of microcircuits (chips) is hitting Apple harder than initially estimated, according to today’s publication of the Nikkei newspaper, which cites multiple sources.

IPad production was down 50% from Apple’s original plans for the past two months, according to the same newspaper on its website, which added that components intended for older iPhones were already in production. of iPhone 13.

Despite the fact that the production of the iPhone 13 had problems due to the shutdown of factory units in Asia, but also the high demand in the second half of the year, Apple faced the problem in the supply chain of microcircuits better than several other companies, given its massive purchasing power, but also the long-term chip supply deals, gaining ground from its competitors in the third quarter.

Apple is partly prioritizing the production of the iPhone 13 because it predicts that there will be more demand for smartphones than iPads as Western markets begin to recover from the pandemic, according to the same publication. , citing anonymous sources.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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