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Scientists have discovered the most mysterious black hole


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According to the researchers, such black holes are scattered in the Universe, but they are difficult to detect due to their inertia.

A special discovery did scientists from Amsterdam in “Tarantula Nebula”. The Tarantula Nebula is located in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a small neighboring galaxy about 160,000 light-years away and considered a galactic satellite of our own. It is about a thousand light-years in diameter and has been named so because the scientists who observed it thought that its shape and especially its brightest areas reminded them of the shape of the most famous species of spider. Within the nebula millions of new stars are born.

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The research team led by scientists from the University of Amsterdam with their publication in the journal “Nature Astronomy” present a mysterious black hole, perhaps the most mysterious yet identified. The black hole is located next to a hot blue star creating a system codenamed VFTS 243. The researchers estimated that the star has 25 times the mass of the Sun and the black hole at least nine times the mass of the parent star us.

THE first interesting but also strange finding what the researchers did was that the black hole, although it is very close to the star, does not absorb its matter, which is what black holes usually do with everything in their gravitational range. Adding to the mystery, researchers failed to detect any trace of a cosmic process that led to the creation of the black hole. The researchers are confident that this black hole is not a product of a star explosion which is the typical birth process of black holes. So the explanation for the existence of this hole is sought.

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The researchers even estimate that the super-bright star accompanying it will turn into a black hole which will probably merge with the already existing one. The researchers describe their discovery as finding “a needle in a haystack” to demonstrate the difficulty of detecting such cosmic bodies.

However, experts say that “sleeping” black holes like this one, which do not show any activity, are scattered in the Universe but precisely because of their silent existence they are extremely difficult to impossible to detect.

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