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NASA: ARTEMIS 1 launch postponed due to Hurricane Ian – New date unknown


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It’s the third postponement of the launch for the Moon – The schedule of the program is in jeopardy – The rocket will return to the “garage”

The postponement of the launch of the rocket that would “launch” the ARTEMIS 1 program was announced by the NASAas the Florida region is expected to be hit by Hurricane Ian in the next few hours.

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It is the third time the launch has been canceled, which jeopardizes the overall mission schedule, as program officials had stated.

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Now, the rocket will be moved back to its base and it is unclear when the new launch date will be set, after the third failed attempt.

A possible date for shipping to Moonwas October 4th, however the return of the missile to the “garage” will take several days and a similar period, if conditions permit, will be needed to return it to the launch pad.

The ARTEMIS 1 is the first phase of the plan to return man to the Moon, after 1972.

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