Amazon Launches Alexa Kids Mode; see how it works

Amazon Launches Alexa Kids Mode;  see how it works

Amazon launched in Brazil this Wednesday (9) a new feature of the virtual assistant Alexa, aimed at children. The so-called Amazon Kids gives playful answers and allows parents to control what their children up to 12 years old access on Echo devices.

Through the Alexa app, parents can now set up a child profile by registering their children’s voice ID or visual ID. This allows artificial intelligence to recognize them and adapt the experience.

In addition, it is possible to control the use of devices such as Echo Dot and Echo Show by children, restricting access to certain content and features, such as music with explicit content and smart lamps.

To avoid punishment, voice purchases are blocked by default when recognizing the children’s profile. The history of questions asked by the children to the assistant is also available for parents to access.

Alexa’s most popular content has also been adapted to a younger audience. For example, kids can say “Alexa, open Amazon Kids” and get access to age-appropriate stories, skills, and jokes.

Among other features, Amazon Kids also allows you to schedule bedtime and create pauses when using your devices.

Although the Echo Dots Kids Edition, a version of the product stamped with animal figures, is not yet available in Brazil, those responsible can now dedicate an entire device to the children’s configuration.

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