#Hashtag: Instagram provides feature to identify pronouns in the profile


Instagram announced this Wednesday (4) the possibility of including the user’s preferred treatment pronouns in the application’s profile. The option was already available in English-speaking countries.

People from the LGBTQIA+ community and allies often make public the treatment pronouns —ela/dela; him his; elu/delu— Preferred to promote communication that is respectful of the speaker’s gender identity.

In a note, Instagram claims that some people already used to insert treatment pronouns in some way in the profile; either in the name or description of the bio. Now, they can fill in the information in a specific field. The goal is to “build a safe and welcoming environment” for the user community.

To include your pronoun, simply go to your profile and tap the ‘Edit Profile’ option at the top, below your profile picture. The Pronouns field is below the username and, in Portuguese, it is possible to select between feminine (ela/dela), masculine (ele/dele) and non-binary (elu/delu) pronouns.

Some netizens celebrated the arrival of the platform feature in Brazil, just over a year after the change was tested in the English version of the social network.

Others are against it.

Another social network that allows the identification of treatment pronouns is LinkedIn, a network focused on work and career. Facebook has allowed non-binary gender identification since 2015.

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