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Cooperation with his unit of the Telecommunications Laboratory of the Aristotle University (AUTH) is launching the Pfizer Center for Digital Innovation (CDI) in Thessaloniki, with the aim of developing and validating new digital biomarkers for the evaluation of diseases in the fields of inflammation (Inflammation) and immunology (Immunology), utilizing applications for mobile devices and for serious games.

In this specific project, in which the Signal Processing and Biomedical Technology Unit (SPBTU) of AUTH participates, patients will be actively involved, in addition to health professionals (in all phases of development of digital biomarker measurement applications, from planning to implementation and tests) to take into account the needs of both sides.

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At the same time, Pfizer has secured the participation of an interdisciplinary team from Greece, the Netherlands and Portugal, under the coordination of the AUTh, as well as members of the company’s global network, such as the Department of Immunology and Inflammation in the Netherlands and Global Medical Affairs.

“Through our collaborations with the Greek research and innovation ecosystem, we highlight proposals and solutions that can revolutionize the health sector, which is our constant goal. And we are particularly happy that this new collaboration with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki has an international dimension on the one hand and gives patients an active role on the other” said Nico Gariboldi, head of the CDI.

For his part, the director of SPBTU, Leontios Hatzileontiadis, professor of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of AUTH, pointed out: “Our collaboration with the Pfizer Digital Innovation Center is an important opportunity to transfer research from the laboratory to everyday life practice. We jointly aim to produce supportive digital tools, both to facilitate patients with inflammation to manage their disease, and to provide new forms of diagnostic information, e.g., digital biomarkers, to medical specialists. We are sure that this is only the beginning of a very fruitful collaboration”._